NurtureStars children, and even some parents, have enjoyed the home-based learning programmes arranged for them during the Circuit Breaker. The children even wore their school uniforms at home while learning online.

Feedback from the parents showed they generally felt that it helped their children – from pre-Nursery to Kindergarten level – “attend class” to continue learning and have the opportunity to see their schoolmates online.

Many of the parents from all the six centres have written to express their appreciation for the teachers’ dedication and hard work, knowing that they had to juggle between teaching and domestic matters while at home.

Julian’s Mother from NurtureStars @ SAFRA Mount Faber said she appreciated the opportunity to spend time “in class” with her child.

“I’m learning new aspects of my child that I never would have gotten a chance to, pre-crisis. I can observe how well my child understands concepts delivered, and how my child continues to respond by raising his hands to volunteer even though it is an online class,” she added.

Another parent who was thankful for being able to actually get a glimpse of how the classes were conducted online, was the mother of Victoria (PN2) from NurtureStars @ SAFRA Yishun.

She said, “I was quite thankful for it actually that I got a glimpse of how Victoria‘s classes are conducted and to know what she has learned in school. Now I finally know why she always sings “Brush Brush Brush your teeth” every night when I asked her to go brush her teeth… It was very amusing when I realized during the zoom class that she picked this song up from school.

“Also, I know it must have been nerve wrecking to conduct class in front of parents as well. So I just want let Teacher Nerissa know that she has done a great job, evident from Victoria’s enjoyable singing. Thank you! “

The father of Gareth, Garrett and Garrell from NurtureStars @ SAFRA Toa Payoh wrote to express his appreciation for “all the teachers and principals efforts…….we want to say they are Fantastic”.

The mother of Kai Rui, Kai Jun and Kai Xuan from NurtureStars @ Mount Faber wrote to say: ”We would like to thank all the teachers for the effort and time spent during this Circuit Breaker. It is not easy for the teachers during this period!!”

Rayn Khan’s mum (NurtureStars @ SAFRA Jurong), said: “Rayn Khan was deeply engaged during the live lesson with his teacher and friends! He had fun answering the questions and also did the work given with guidance from his teacher. NurtureStars definitely did a great job with their K2 HBL! Thank you”

Luth Dani’s mum (NurtureStars @ Punggol) believed all the children were excited to go through “a different learning experience”.

“Truly appreciate the teacher’s time, effort and dedication!  Kudos to all teachers from NurtureStars.”

One of our children enjoying his class during the HBL session.

Learning with no borders, we moved together with the times.

Our little one showing his work to the teacher on his notebook screen.