Infant Care, Pre-Nursery and Preschool Education @ SAFRA YISHUN 

Parent Testimonials

Dear Teachers and staff at NurtureStars,

I wish to express my humble gratitude to everyone who went beyond your duty to help my son, Joshua, when he fell outside your school and cut his head open. The care and response was first class and I am truly grateful you were there when I couldn’t, especially since Joshua isn’t enrolled with you. Thank you

Cary and Syamill, proud parents of Ryan, K1

I would like give my appreciation to teacher Melissa and He’ La sho.
Both of them is my son’s favorite teachers. They are very caring nurturing and professional. Really take care of Michael. They will promptly update on Michael’ needs as well.
Michael concentration skills and communication skill is improved a lot. He is very brave to even perform and lead the class on culture day celebrations Thank you teachers for your hard work and love and care for Michael.

Michael Koh, proud parent of Julie Zaw, K1

Dear teacher Kisa. Thank you for helping Ellaris ease into school easily. I can see she enjoys school and look forward to go school every day. Thank you for helping and guiding her in school every day. She always talks about you and enjoy every day in school.

Stacy ng, proud parent of Ellaris seah, K1

We would like show our gratitude to the amazing teachers who had taught and help Javan

Teacher Jan had also been so encouraging despite his lack of speech and all his undesirable behaviour. I would never forget how professional and understanding Teacher Jan managed the very serious biting case. She told me that “Javan is slow so it seems like it is unusual among his peers. Actually all kids goes through this. Don’t worry. The school will manage it.” After hearing this I really held my tears. It’s not first time she has been so encouraging so understanding. Her love really goes beyond.

Teacher Mel is also a gift to Javan. Teacher Mel has been so nice to apply what she had learnt in Early Intervention Program and never gave up on him. She continued toguide and groom Javan. The notes she gave us after PTM were so detailed. I cannotthank her enough for the effort she had done. One parent even told me what she observed for which I am really touched. She quoted “Every time I go pick up my kids in the afternoon, I see TR Mel waiting so happily to pick up Javan like picking up her own son.” To be honest, what else could I have asked for when Javan had been blessed with such a loving and understanding teacher like Teacher Mel.

Javan isn’t much interested in Chinese but Luo Lao Shi and He Lao Shi will purposely push him a little and ensured he respond. We are so thankful and we do hear him saying a few Chinese words. Javan is really very blessed to have his first few years in Nuturestar.

The patience, understanding, devotion and love the abovementioned teachers have for Javan is something we have not expected.

Not forgetting the other teachers like Teacher Alice who watched after him daily and was always the one who tagged along with him during the outings.Teacher Lynette which for certain reasons, who terrified him but yet showed him lots of love and guidance too.Jiang Lao Shi who was always bullied by him yet still show lots of patience and love.Ms Angeline who was always accommodating to our requests and showed patience with Javan when dealing with him. Ms Samantha for being so accommodating to all our requests and did not mind Javan running through her office daily. And showed him lots of love and patience too.

To be honest, what was written in this heartfelt messages cannot express and describe all the help, love, patience, guidance and devotion that Javan had received and us, the parents.

Javan Lee, proud parents of Mr and Mrs Lee, K1

The teachers at NurtureStars Yishun are very caring and my child likes school. The environment and friends are nurturing.

Lam Yin Yin, proud parent of Tok Zhi Ren, K2