Pre-Nursery and Preschool Education @ SAFRA Tampines 


NurtureStars @ Tampines is a nursery, preschool and childcare centre situated at SAFRA Tampines, Singapore. We offer programmes that are specifically catered for children aged between 18 months to 6 years.

Our comprehensive curriculum facilitates children in self-exploration and equips them with essential knowledge for early childhood. Our young learners at NurtureStars @ Tampines are provided with a safe, comfortable, nurturing and well-designed space to stimulate their learning and enhance their engagement.

Parent Testimonials


Zeng Yushan, proud parent of Kaylen Koh 许宇翔, PN1

Happy Teacher’s Day Teacher Salleha! Thank you for taking care of Kaylen in school and for making him look forward to going to school everyday!

Zeng Yushan, proud parent of Kaylen Koh, PN1

We wish to thank all the teachers for the guidance they have provided to our child. Thank you for your dedication and hard work!

Madhuwanti, proud parent of Vikrant, K2


Zeng Yushan, proud parent of Kayson Koh 许祖豪, Nursery

I would like to compliment Zhong lao Shi and Tr. Fatima for being so patient with my Daughter Arabella, Thank you for guiding her in every milestone.

Melissa Ong, proud parent of Nur Arabella, K1

Dear Teacher Ruth, THANK YOU for being such an awesome teacher! Love the fact that you are strict yet fun, firm yet nurturing! Kayson & Kaylen love you so much and I dare say you are their favourite teacher in school! Appreciate your dedication in educating and caring for the children and grateful for all that you have done for Kayson! :)

Zeng Yushan, proud parent of Kayson Koh, Nursery