Infant & Toddler

In NurtureStars, young infants have opportunities to explore cloth and board books physically through handling and watching how others interact with the books around them. Older infants will turn the pages of the books, pointing and seeking names of pictures from our attentive infant teachers. Early exposure to books, images, stories, rhymes and words helps children to enjoy books and find interest in print, which is important for school and life.

In NurtureStars, exploratory play includes the use of mats, soft-gyms and wall bars. The well-designed spaces are to encourage children to discover their environment and their own physical capacities when they crawl, stand, climb and slide. Specially selected toys, including teacher-made resources, stimulate their sensory learning in a safe space.

NurtureStars educarers provide a respectful, responsive and relational environment, which inspire infants and toddlers to explore. Educarers observe and understand individuals’ developmental achievements as they facilitate customized activities and interesting games.