Pre Nursery & Nursery

Starting at Pre-Nursery, the children will have opportunities to develop self-control, concentration and communication skills. Our teachers will also guide children to build bridges between what they already know by supporting their efforts in interesting and meaningful activities; and increasing children’s responsibilities to manage their own task performance.

  • Pre Nursery (Toddlers) Programme (18 mths – 2+ yrs )
  • Nursery 1 Programme (2 yrs – 3 yrs )

The NurtureStars Child Care programme provides a comprehensive preschool curriculum, an integrated thematic approach is adopted to help children learn academic, social, moral and life skills under nurturing positive conditions. Children’s early experiences are carefully designed and supported by responsive teachers who are equipped with current early childhood knowledge and teaching strategies.

Meaningful movement-based activities are planned and structured to provide rich and stimulating learning experiences.