Parent Testimonial

Hello teachers of Chan Jia En Kyson, many thanks to all of you in helping to take care of kyson and informing me at once if he has injured himself in school. I know that sometimes it’s inevitable. I want to thank you for being part of kyson’s educational journey here in childcare and that he has learnt a lot from school!
Appreciate all the time, hardwork and effort that you guys put in. Thanks to Shermaine and the principal as well ! Happy Teacher’s day to all of you and you all deserve a thumbs up ! :)
May kyson continue to bring you joy and laughter ! xoxo.

Dernise, proud parent of Chan Jia En Kyson, P1NT

Dear Teacher Juliana/ Yu Lao Shi/ Dong Lao Shi,

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your great efforts & patience towards Adelynn all this while.

Adelynn always come home from school with a smiling face. We feel glad to see her growing well mentally & physically day by day in this school.


Janice Tan, proud parent of Adelynn Lee Zi Xuan, Nursery Class

We know that it is very hard work, so we would like to take a moment and thank you for your patience, kindness and enthusiasm towards our child. You are such a wonderful teacher. It always warmed my heart when saw the artwork my child brought home from school. It was obvious how much thought and effort you put into planning his activities and I am so grateful for your commitment to developing young mind. Thank you for being the very best starting point my child could ever have for his education.

ANG ZE SIANG, proud parent of ANG ZI CHAO, PN2

Special mention and appreciation to 薇老师 (Teacher Wei) for being patient and encouraging to Kaylee. 薇老师 has also taught Kaylee’s elder brother, Keegan. Thank you very much! 谢谢!

Koo TY, proud parent of Kaylee Koo, K2

Dear Teacher LeLa and 许老师, We really want to thank you for teaching taking good care of our little Damian. We have witnessed how he has grown, learning songs and rhymes, learning how to feed and dress himself, and becoming so good in expressing himself now. You have been an important part of Damian’s growth, we are truly grateful to you. Thank you for being so dedicated and we can really feel the passion for teaching from you! Happy Teachers’ Day!!

Lyn Lim, proud parent of Damian Tan, PN2

“In this great big world, you make a difference.”

Thank you Teacher Su and 王老师 for your endless patience and guidance towards Tyler. He has grown so much over the year!

You are the reason why he enjoys going to school and never stop learning.

Julyn, proud parent of Tyler, PN1

Happy Teachers’ Day to all the teachers at Nurture Star SAFRA Mount Faber! Thank you for your dedication and hard work! 💪 To K1 teachers, Teacher Shiala and Teacher Wei, we really appreciate your effort and patience in helping Keiren to learn and grow! He has grown so much since he first started at NS last year.

Shelyn Chua, proud parent of Keiren Chia, K1

Dear all Teachers!

Happy Teachers Day. Thank you for creating such a fantastic environment for my kid to grow and learn. You allowed me as working mothers to have a peace of mind, knowing that my girl is well taken care of in school, while i focus on my work. Claire has also developed to be a very lively and cheerful girl, making lots of good friends with other children in her class. Her nutrients are also well taken care of, with good cooking by our beloved school aunties. Thank you very much for the effort!

Xinni Lin, proud parent of Claire Chye, Nursery

Hello 曹老师,

感谢您在指导和教导子浩方面所做的努力。 我和我太太都可以看到子浩在他的普通常识上、词汇和言语方面都变得更好了。 如果不是您的辛勤努力,这是不可能的。



Anthony Goh, proud parent of Aden Goh, K1

Dearest Teachers

We thank you for the time and effort that you spend with the children.
The knowledge that you impart on the minds of the little ones help to mould them to be future leaders and potential trail blazers.

As parents we understand you deal with kids from many different backgrounds and needs.
And it can be a daunting task.

To do it daily with the lovely smiles on your faces, and the patience that you exhibit is something that we as parents truly appreciate.

Although one day is never enough to celebrate such an occasion, on this special day, we would like to express our sincere thanks and gratitude.

Please continue to keep up all the good work.

Here’s wishing all teachers a very lovely and beautiful Teacher’s Day.

STEWART, proud parent of ANDRE STEWART, K1

Hi Miss Jiao, thank you for all these years of looking after every children in NurtureStars Tampines… i have lost count of how many years of dedication and effort in bringing the children up
Both Cayla 诗璇 and Caleb 俊瑞 benefitted from your love and care

Thank you So much

Chris Tan, proud parent of Caleb Tan and Cayla Tan, from PN to K2

Hi Teachers!

Thanks for all the care and concern for keeping the kids safe and also taking care of them during class!
As a 1st time parent, we really appreciate your love and care for our child and though we are not able to see them during class time we are able to see them grow as well when they reach home through their activeness, vocabulary, speaking to us and the family.

So keep being an educator because I feel that you guys have definitely found the right calling in life!

Stay safe, healthy and HAPPY TEACHERS’ DAY!

TOBY LAI, proud parent of LERON LAI, PN1

Thank you to all the teachers and staffs from NurtureStars Preschool @ SAFRA Tampines, for continuing to conduct day-to-day classes despite of challenges posted in today’s situations.
Protecting and educating our little ones.

Special thanks to Zhang Lao Shi, Teacher Fatin and Teacher Siti in taking care of Iris.

Happy Teachers’ Day!

Alan, proud parent of Iris, PN2

Happy Teachers’ Day! Thank you to all the teacher at Safra TPY for always being so warm and kind, making Megan’s time at school a very enjoyable one. Megan loves going to school to interact with all the teachers and her friends. Thank you for nurturing and teaching Megan to be an inquisitive child. Her love for books, songs and activities are made possible by all the efforts the teachers have made, especially Teacher Anne and Zhan LaoSi. Thank you!!

Melissa Liew, proud parent of Megan Sia, PN2

Actions speak louder than words!

Every morning without fail, upon seeing the educators, our infant will give a wide smile and open his arms, reaching out to the educator’s arms. This is where we know our infant enjoys school under the great care of the educators.

Not to mention, with the detailed observations and feedbacks by the educators, it allows us as parents to know what we should take note of our infant.

We are truly grateful for the dedicated care from the educators towards our infant. They give us a peace of mind so we can focus while we are at work. Most importantly, we have absolute faith in entrusting our infant’s well-being and safety to the team of educators.

Good job well done! Thank you!

Foo Yong Jun, proud parent of Foo Chuan Kai, Infant care

Thank you for being an inspiration and nurturing teachers to Keegan. Truly grateful for being patience with him.
Happy Teachers Day to both Teacher Lyn and Xian Lao Shi

HONG AI LING, proud parent of Keegan Seng Jia Jun, K2

No word can describe the gratitude and respect we have for you and every staff members of Nurturestars Toa Payoh during both Covid-19 pandemic years. Thank you for your selfless commitment, staying on to take care of our kid’s education during the pandemic lockdown period. We do understand that other than the students, you are also required to look after your own kids and family. You are doing really awesome. Thank you so much for everything. Wishing you Happy Teachers’ Day and stay safe.

Patrick Ng, proud parent of Abigael Huang, K1

A big thank you to all the staff and teachers who always showing genuine love to my girl. Special thanks to Teacher Ann and Chen Laoshi for being so patience and caring towards Mathea. She always telling me how much she love teacher Ann and Chen Laoshi , and having so much fun in school with her friends. Seeing her happily enter to school every morning is the best way to kick start my day. Thank you NSTP team and we appreciate all of you!

Jan, proud parent of Mathea Yap, PN2

Dear Teacher Shaz and Wang Laoshi,

Thank you for taking care of Aadam in school and nurturing his love for learning! It is not easy to care for really young children and we are very grateful to Teacher Shaz and Wang Laoshi for everything that you do. Aadam enjoys school very much because of the both of you. Happy Teachers’ Day! <3

Aadam’s mummy and daddy, proud parent of Aadam Zayyan, PN2

Thank you Teacher of PN1. Skyler had been coping very well in school and able to speak more ever since she started her journey in the centre. First of foremost, we would like to thanks Teacher Sam although she had already left. Teacher Sam is someone who is not only a teacher but also as her parent herself, she treat all child of PN1 as her own. The patience and love is beyond words. Thank you once again.

Current Teacher Jan and Teacher Shaz, thank you to you too for the great teaching and love that you had shown to Skyler. From not able to sleep in school till she was comfortable to have her nap and also eating well in school. And not saying learnt well in school as well. Thank you and appreciate!

Best Regards

Tristan, proud parent of Skyler Phua, PN1

Thank you Teachers of K2. My wife and I would like to say a BIG thank you especially to Liew Laoshi. Thanks for her strict and good guidance towards her students. This definitely benefits Joshua especially in his Chinese and of cause the confidence in him which helps him to able to speak up more.. And which I feel that its a great improvement for him especially during his last year in NurtureStar. The efforts, patience and dedication in Liew Laoshi is what a teacher should have.
Joshua is very happy for having Liew Laoshi as his Teacher which he always enjoy in her class and learnt well too.

Thank you.

Best Regards

Tristan, proud parent of Joshua Phua, PN2

Dear PN1 Teachers (Teacher Jan, Wang Lao Shi, Teacher Sam, Teacher Marionne),

Thank you for taking care of Bernie and she loves going to school because of all of you! Happy Teachers Day!

Christopher Seet, proud parent of Bernadette Seet, PN1

Dearest Teacher Kisa,
Thank you for being such a wonderful teacher. You work tirelessly to teach me new knowledge and make the lessons so fun and interesting. You genuinely care about us and never shy away from correcting us whenever we make silly mistakes.
Love you for being my teacher.
With infinity hugs and kisses,
Charmaine Ong

Daron Ong, proud parent of Charmaine Ong, K1
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