To children their mothers are everything, but many don’t know how to express their love in words and deeds for them. So, when Mother’s Day came around in May, teachers at all our six NurtureStars preschool centres helped the young ones to celebrate their mothers online at home.

Before that, teachers shared a PowerPoint presentation with the parents and their children on Zoom teleconferencing to prepare the young ones to craft heartwarming messages on cards and posters to say how much their mums meant to them.  They were also primed for various activities organized for them.

On the morning of the celebration, the children had a light breakfast with their mothers and after that carried out various activities with them including dancing and doing Yoga exercises together. The children also learned to give simple massage to their mums.

It was a memorable day of hugs, kisses and outpouring of love for the deserving mothers.

After the event, the teachers put together a video to share it with the parents on social media. Visit our facebook for more videos and photos.

A sweet smile with my mother on a lovely day.