The Circuit Breaker has been lifted. Children at all the six NurtureStars centres at various Safra Clubs were simply excited to roar back into school to meet their teachers and friends.

The teachers were just as excited and had even posted various messages to welcome their little ones back to class through social media before the reopening. Teachers at the Jurong centre made a welcome video, Toa Payoh had a poster showing a montage of teachers each carrying a placard with a word that together made up a warm welcome back message to the children.

On 2 June, NurtureStars Nursery and Kindergarten children in their uniforms streamed into the centres carrying their bags in familiar ways to be warmly greeted by their teachers handing out a “Welcome Back Pack” to each of them. After receiving the pack containing an Apple and a book mark, they had their temperature taken before they were brought to their classes.

Despite the safe distancing measures put in place, the children were just too delighted they could leave their homes to be with their friends and learn together again after almost two months.

NurtureStars always has the children’s well-being in mind, and the apple was to remind them to “keep the doctor away” by observing hygiene practices such as regularly washing of hands and staying healthy while in school.

Our children were also happy to receive a face shield, two bottles of hand sanitisers and a $10 SAFRA food vouchers on their return to school. We would like to thank Temasek Foundation and SAFRA for their generous contributions.

Nurturestars Toa Payoh teachers with their string of welcome message

Children hugging their Welcome Packs

Yeah, thanks for the Welcome Pack