A spectacular military parade by our young soldiers performed by our NurtureStars K1 & K2 students.

It was a proud moment for 70 NurtureStars kindergarten 2 children who “graduated” after their learning journey to embark on formal primary education. For they celebrated their success at the NurtureStars Graduation Concert 2017 on 15 December at a time when Singapore was marking its 50 anniversary of National Service.

And aptly, the graduation concert held at the Matrix @ Biopolis was themed “Singapore, Our Journey”. The theme was selected to reflect on the progress of Singapore from its early years as a fishing village to a bustling successful cosmopolitan city today, made possible by peace and stability supported by contributions from fathers who have given their best years to NS.

Some 160 K1 and K2 children performed a total of 12 items, including “Our NS Heroes!! featuring a specially-choreographed military march to commemorate NS50. The performances gave the children the opportunity to display and express what they had learned through the years.

About 400 of the children’s parents and guardians watched the concert as the boys and girls put up a colourful and exhilarating show. The items include “Fried Rice Paradise” portraying the popular local treat; the Adventure of Sang Nila Utama; Singapore Sunny Island; Saving Gaia, a call to protecting Mother Earth; MRT ReMix and One United People.; The celebration was rounded up with the singing of the NurtrueStar school song.

The guest of honour at the event was LTC (Ret) Ho Lye-Sum, Chairman of the NurtureStars Joint Management Committee.

NurtureStars’s children demonstrating the agility, discipline and teamwork in a gymnastic display.

The children singing “Singapore, Sunny Island” accompanied by melodic tone bells.

NurtureStars Children demonstrating the importance of preserving Mother Earth during the concert performance.

Chairman of Ju Eng Home for the Senior Citizens, Elder Lawrence Ang Poh Siew (Right) receiving a cheque of $15,000 from Mr Ng Kuan Wei, General Manager for NurtureStars Preschool (Left) as part of NurtureStars CSR project.