An excursion to watch a theatrical production of Chicken Little

“The sky is falling!”

With the constantly rainy weather in Singapore recently, it would seem on some days… that the sky just may come crashing down on our heads.

But no, the sky isn’t really falling. It’s just a figment of Chicken Little’s overactive imagination.

That’s what we’re going to find out when NurtureStars goes on an excursion to watch Chicken Little – as she tries to save her friends at the farm from impending doom, in The Little Company’s production of Chicken Little.

A musical your kids will love!

The Little Company’s production of Chicken Little is perfect for young children. This is a musical adventure that’s packed with infectious melodies and laughs, written by the writers of the Singapore Repertory Theatre’s Red Riding Hood and Treasure Island.

And NurtureStars will be turning this excursion into an entire week of fun and learning – with a series of Chicken Little-related activities planned both before, and after the play.

What’s more, NurtureStars kids will learn important theatre etiquette, which can be applied to other areas of everyday life with your children – including going to the movies, concerts, performances, and more.

Children enjoyed the show during this event.

Children watching attentively during the performance.