These NurtureStars children are seen here on an educational tour learning how to grow plants using soil at the Oh Chin Huat Hydroponic Farm in Bah Soon Pah Road on 28 November. They were among some 60 K1 and K2 NurtureStars children from SAFRA Mt Faber and Jurong West who joined the year-end holiday programme.

The two-hour programme included learning how to grow plants the hydroponic way without water and have a taste of the farm’s freshly-grown vegetables. They also learned about the medicinal value of herbs and had hands on experience “planting” them. The children also toured the Butterfly Lodge to understand the life cycle of the butterfly.

It was an exciting and happy outing for all.  The tour concluded with the children lugging home a starter kit to learn how to use recycled materials to grow plants hydroponically, a pot of herb, two packets of hydroponically-grown vegetables and, from the Butterfly Lodge, a file folder and a beautifully-designed postcard.

Children learning how to grow plants the hydroponic way.

Children having fun during the farm tour.