How important is art to your child’s early development?

It’s essential.

This isn’t simply hyperbole. Science has spoken, and the results are undeniable – learning art at a young age can give children an academic advantage over their peers.

That’s why at NurtureStars Preschool @ SAFRA Mount Faber, we’ve teamed up with Crestar Learning Centre (CLC) to give our pre-schoolers an enrichment programme that will improve their artistic abilities, creativity, academic and social skills!

What makes art amazing?

The innovative arts programme at NurtureStars Mount Faber takes children on an amazing learning journey, using art as its medium. What makes this programme unique, is its inter-disciplinary approach of combining multiple subject areas into each art lesson. Through these lessons, children develop aesthetic skills, improved language and mathematical abilities, fine motor skills, and have accelerated social emotional development.

And because all their five senses are engaged during lessons, the pre-schoolers also quickly develop new heightened levels of creativity, imagination, and expressiveness – which is on display through their artwork, and their interactions with schoolmates and teachers.

Art is for everyone

The beauty of art, is that it’s for everyone. Our arts enrichment programme starts children drawing, colouring, and painting from as young as 4 years of age – improving their basic psychomotor skills, as they learn to manipulate their drawing and colouring tools with a basic level of finesse.

With these basics, children can progress to more challenging works that further develop their abilities in art, while promoting their overall academic and social development.

So, don’t be surprised to see your child’s language, maths and science improve along with their drawings, creativity, and imagination!