It was “Go green, save the planet!” on 21st April, as children at all the six NurtureStars childcare centres commemorated Earth Day learning more about earth science.

With many feeling the heat due to Climate Change, teachers spent time sharing with their preschoolers the importance of treasuring nature and becoming more environmentally friendly.

They were reminded to make the earth a healthier place by practicing effective ways to reuse materials, conserve energy, reduce waste and more. They had hands-on sessions learning to reduce the use of tissue paper, remembering to turn off the tap and switching off the lights, and throwing away recyclable materials into proper disposal bins.

The children also spent time colouring the outline of a globe printed on recycled paper to reflect what they envisioned would be a ‘beautiful and healthy place” to live for all.

The children chose the colours they wished to incorporate into painting their globe using a small sponge and/or their finger.

Our children using recycled newspaper and cardboard to paint and express their love for Mother Nature.