Mother’s Day is probably one of the happiest and most memorable occasions for children at NurtureStars. They could sing and dance with abandon to honour their awesome mommies. Some of the invited parents also joined in the fun celebration, to make it even more meaningful for the children.

The all-important parent day was commemorated by the children at the six NurtureStars centres on 11 and 12 May, before the actual occasion on Sunday.

Children also had fun crafting colourful flowers and appreciation cards from paper cut-outs to express their love for the mothers. For a few, what mattered most was some bonding with their mommies, with hugs and laughs.

Having a happy time with mommy and mei mei at the centre

Some of the children showing off the vases of flowers they had made for mommy

Some of the children making a heart shape roses for their mommies.