All the children at Nurturestars preschools located in the six SAFRA clubhouses had the opportunity in March to experience a taste of water rationing as part of a month-long, island-wide exercise led by the PUB to mark Singapore World Water Day.

Since 1 March, they were made aware of the preciousness of water and the importance of conservation, and were taught water-saving measures through stories, art and craft and other hands-on activities. Every child was told of the necessity to cultivate water saving habits, such as washing hands quickly with less water, taking shorter showers, using half flush, and brushing their teeth with water from a mug instead of directly from the tap.

Children from NurtureStars @ Safra Mount Faber were invited to the launch of the island-wide at the Marina Barrage on 4 March 2017 to present a song that featured five important water-saving tips. The event was graced by Deputy Prime Minister and Coordinating Minister for National Security Mr Teo Chee Hean as Guest of Honour, and Minister for Environment and Water Resources Mr Masagos Zulfiki, as well as Dr Amy Khor.

The children at Nurturestars in SAFRA Toa Payoh were fortunate to play host to Dr Amy Khor, Senior Minister of State for the Environment and Water Resources, on 15 March when she visited the school to join them in carrying out the the water-saving exercise.

On that day, the children were told that water supply to their wash rooms would be turned off and they had to use a limited amount of bottled water instead. For four hours during the “rationing”, the children could only use water from the two 1.5-litre bottles each of them had brought to school for brushing their teeth and washing their hands. They also had to flush the toilet by scooping water from pails of stored water.

Nurturestars preschool centres were among 34 preschools taking part in the island-wide water saving exercise and other activities initiated by the PUB.

Senior Minister of State, Dr. Amy Khor, gracing the event at NurtureStars Toa Payoh pre-school for their water rationing exercise.

A group photo with Senior Minister of State, Dr. Amy Khor.

NurtureStars @ Punggol children performing at the World Water Day Event at Punggol SAFRA.

Children from NurtureStars Pre-school washing their hands from a bottle in a water-rationing exercise organized by the preschool.