A heart-warming Samoan dance by our NurtureStars K1 & K2 students.

Early childhood is the time when the young ones learn to make sense of the things, places
and people in their world; playing, questioning, and forming and testing out ideas. They also get to know other “worlds” and various cultures, to be creative, take risks and make discoveries.

The graduation concert at the end of the preschool year is an excellent opportunity for them to confidently express what they have discovered and learned. On 16 December 2016, children at Nurturestars were given the platform to do just that – at the Annual Graduation cum Concert held at the Matrix @ Biopolis.

Some 120 of them from kindergarten 1 and 2 got together to celebrate another year of fun learning in “Around the World”, a performance of gymnastics, dance and skits and a journey through the cultures of Asia, Africa, Europe and South America.

They warmed the hearts of their teachers and some 230 parents among the audience. They moved, jumped, balanced, dance, pranced, sang and spoke their way through the concert with great confidence, poise and a wonderful sense of achievement.

The children performed with much conviction and joy to celebrate the end of their preschool journey on a high note. They were certainly happy to be ushered into a new chapter of their young lives in primary education.

Nurturestars Chairman LTC (Ret) Ho Lye-Sum had said aptly in his welcome message in the programme: “Children are precious and the foundation of our future, we believe they have grown holistically at NurtureStars and are well equipped for primary school”. The Nurturestars children have certainly discharged themselves well, giving hope to every of their parent that their future will be bright.

NurtureStars Preschool, collaboration between SAFRA and Kinderland Educare Services, has a network of 6 centres in Singapore, including the latest NurtureStars Preschool @ SAFRA Punggol which will commenced in April 2016.

NurtureStars Preschool is located within all the SAFRA Clubhouses, where the children can also enjoy the benefits of the club facilities. NurtureStars Preschool is a one-stop preschool that offers exclusive JACPA Physical Education Programme. Our partner JACPA, the largest children sports academy in Japan. Its programmes help children to develop fundamental motor skills, co-ordination, agility, self-confidence, as well as foster an appreciation for sports.

NurtureStars children in a drums performance capturing the sounds and colours of Korean culture.

Agility, discipline and teamwork in a gymnastic display featuring workouts of JACPA from NurtureStars’s children.

Clad in traditional costumes with bells on their wrists, children dancing to celebrate the courageousness of a Taiwanese tribal community.

A special moment : graduation certificate in hand and ready for primary school.