A parent-child relay activity. NurtureStars’ Annual Sports Day is a signature event held at the Toa Payoh Sports Hall to promote active lifestyle and school-family bonding.

If you have not heard of the Sushi formation, then you have not seen the children at NurtureStars display their prowess in gymnastic formations. The children had the opportunity to show how their fit bodies and sharp minds work at NurtureStars’ Annual Sports Day that was held at the Toa Payoh Sports Hall on 20 August 2016.

This year’s theme, aptly called “Healthy Stars”, once again showcased the fitness and flexibility of the children at Nurturestars Preschool whose philosophy is towards developing “stronger bodies, sharper minds”.

Some 400 children from Pre-Nursery 2 to Kindergarten 2 from the 6 NurtureStars centres, including the newest family member NurtureStars @ SAFRA Punggol, participated in the event with their parents and loved ones. The event kicked off with a March In, a Mass Drill and a display of Physical Exercises that included several gymnastic-style formations of the airplane, slide, sailboat, rainbow, sushi, fireworks, rocket, peacock, mountain and MRT.

The displays were followed by seven different games including a couple of them with the parents, allowing the children to bond with their family members in healthy and fun sporting spirit. At the end, everyone was a winner as they enjoyed the adrenaline rush and the happy encouragement of their parents as each child put their best foot forward to show they could do it.

In the process of the months of practices cumulating in the finale, the children not only built stronger bodies and sharper minds, they also acquired important values such as self-confidence, concentration, discipline, mutual trust and teamwork.

Earlier in his welcome address to the participants before the event began, the Guest-of-Honour Mr Ho Lye Sum, Chairman of the Joint Management Committee (JMC), said: “…NurtureStars is one of the first preschools to have sports programme integrated into its core curriculum and one of the first few preschools that have an annual sports day of this scale. Most importantly, an event like this will not be possible without the support and presence of our parents, principals and teachers. Your presence makes the mood and the spirit of this gathering so different.”

The popular ‘sushi’ formation

A child showcased her strengths at the ‘hanging bar’ station, under the watchful eyes of 2 teachers.

A parent preparing her child for the next activity.

Guest-of-Honour Mr Ho Lye Sum, Chairman of the Joint Management Committee (JMC), giving a speech at NurtureStars’ Annual Sports Day