NurtureStars has been awarded the NSMark by The Advisory Council for Community Relations in Defence (ACCORD) to Strengthen National Service in recognition of its support through various activities to raise awareness for National Service and Total Defence. The preschool had also signed a Declaration of Support for National Service and Total Defence.

The NSMark is “a national-level accreditation scheme that recognises businesses and organisations with policies and human resource practices that support National Service and Total Defence”.

The objective is to have NS Mark recipients leading the way through their commitment and conviction to inspire fellow businesses and organisations within the community to step forward as well and pledge their support for National Service.

NurtureStars had introduced the children to National Service in their classrooms and had been marking SAF Day since its inception. More recently, since 2016, the subject of national service and Total Defence were introduced through the preschool’s curriculum.

New readers on National Service were introduced and, where age-appropriate, the readers encourage parents to have activities related to NS and Total defence with their children. Field trips were organised to the Army Museum of Singapore. Project work on NS and to appreciate SG Defenders involving fathers were carried out and exhibited during SAF Day commemoration.

In 2017, NurtureStars centres celebrated Fathers’ Day and observed SAF Day on 30 June 2017.

Parents played various games with the children, and helped them in face painting and photo taking.

Some of the fathers turned up in their military uniform. They also entertained the children by sharing stories on the Singapore Armed Forces and its important role in safeguarding the nation, as well as stories on their own experiences.

On 20 August, some 50 members of the NurtureStars staff and their family members were on hand to provide support for the SAFRA Bay Run, helping to distribute camouflage caps and applying camouflage creams for participants in the family category.

On 16 September, NurtureStars children participated together with 700 preschooler from Kinderland & ELFA Preschool in Crestar Education Group Sports Day at the Toa Payoh Sports Hall. The children joined the march-in during opening ceremony and took part in a mass “Salute” to mark NS50. During the event, a 24-page, National Service-themed preschool reader entitled “Our Dad Our Hero!”, co-written by the NurtureStars teachers and Kinderland curriculum team, was launched.

A host of NS related activities have been organised for 2018, including observance programmes for SAF Day 2018.

A soldier parent and his daughter in a team game during SAF Day celebrations.

NurstureStars’ children saluting our NS men during the Crestar Education Group Sports Day at the Toa Payoh Sports Hall.

Children getting a feel of camo cream on their faces by the children’s fathers.

A father in Airforce uniform sharing his experience with the children.

Guest-of-Honour Mr Ho Lye Sum, Chairman of the Joint Management Committee (JMC), receiving the NS Reader during the launch at the 2017 Sports Day.