As part of our June Holiday programme and SSDB project 2018, NurtureStars Punggol’s children from the class of K2 kick-started an intergenerational program with the seniors of MindCare Senior Activity Centre (MSAC). We are truly elated and grateful that NurtureStars Punggol was able to initiate our very first community collaboration through the SSDB 2018 movement. Being a relatively new centre, we were equally thrilled that this year, our first batch of K2 children got to spearhead and pioneer this collaborative community project!

The concept of intergenerational program is to connect the old and young through activities, to build a bridge among the generations and also share their experience as well as recognizing and learning about the skills and insights of younger and old. Research has shown that sharing their life experiences with the younger generation can help older adults feel a greater sense of fulfilment and gives them a sense of self-worth and build their self-esteem. Bringing together generations to understand each other is very important to develop and broaden the societal aspects, where both young and old can live together with some appreciation of each other’s needs and aspirations!

And we must say, this collaborative effort is not possible without the support of our staff and our parents! We welcomed parent’s volunteers to come and join us for this meaningful community outreach. Despite their hectic schedule on a weekday, 10 parent volunteers actively participated in this community outreach. They assisted us in various areas such as logistics matters, ushering the kids to and fro, safe guarding the children during travel via the LRT, encouraging children to befriend the seniors, making of the terrarium and distribution of the refreshments.

The children went over to the Senior Activity Centre to befriend the seniors, co-create a mini terrarium using recyclables with the seniors and bond with the seniors over light refreshment. For the final touch, each child placed one of their own toy which they brought from home to decorate the terrarium. We believe that this act of giving left a lasting impression in the hearts of the seniors.

This collaborative effort has truly empowered the children to reach out to isolated elderly and create an impact in the community! Through this effort, we were glad to instil moral values such as love, kindness, giving, empathy, respect towards seniors and racial harmony. Well done children, parents and staff!

A group photo at MindCare Senior Activity Centre after the event.

NurtureStars children engaging seniors by doing terrarium-making.