In fewer than 10 days after Father’s Day, men were again highlighted in all the NurtureStars preschool centres as the children marked SAF Day with various activities to appreciate their NS daddies.

The centre at SAFRA Toa Payoh kicked off the “Thank NSmen” activities with teachers giving the children an insight into what many of their fathers did during their time in National Service (NS) and their role in keeping Singapore safe. The children also made pop-up cards to send heartfelt messages to their beloved fathers who had served NS in the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) and HomeTeam.

The children also sang and danced to lively tunes in joyous celebration of their father’s noble contributions to the nation.

Media from both print and broadcast organisations covered the Toa Payoh centre event on 27 June, showing the children with their fathers enjoying and bonding during the organised activities.

The programme was subsequently rolled out at the other five SAFRA club-based centres before the actual commemoration day on 1 July. Similar activities were also scheduled to be rolled out for 30,000 children in preschools over the next three weeks.

At NurtureStars’ Jurong centre, the kindergarten children were also invited to participate in the Sprint Kids obstacles course at Kidz Amaze in SAFRA Jurong. The children had fun navigating through a series of NS-inspired obstacles to complete the race. The challenging activities include the “leopard crawl” and climbing up a low wall to test their strength, agility and endurance.

“Thank NSmen” activities have been held as part of SAF Day celebrations at Nurturestars Preschools over the years. The exercise helps to instill in young children the importance of NS and show how it contributes to the community and the nation’s safety.

Doing the leopard crawl

Climbing over a low