The participation of over 1000 educators at Professional Development Day 2023 reaffirms Crestar Education Group’s dedication to nurturing wellness and fostering professional growth

At NurtureStars, we believe that the well-being and professional growth of our educators are paramount to providing quality childhood education. The highly anticipated Crestar Education Group’s (CEG) Professional Development Day (PD Day) 2023 was held on 3 July 2023 at Singapore Expo. It brought together early childhood educators and staff from CEG early childhood brands: Kinderland, ELFA and Skool4Kidz, encouraging collaboration and renewed dedication to their teaching roles with a healthier heart, mind, and body.

Over 1000 educators from Kinderland, ELFA, NurtureStars, and Skool4Kidz at Singapore Expo for the annual CEG Professional Development Day 2023.

Prioritising Wellness
Dr. Carol Loy, Director of Curriculum and Professional Development at Kinderland, ELFA, and NurtureStars, extended a warm welcome to all attendees to kickstart the day. In her remarks, Dr. Loy acknowledged the unique challenges that early childhood educators face in balancing effective teaching while responding to the needs of their students. Recognising the significance of self-care in mitigating workplace stress, this initiative reflects our commitment to support educators and foster a culture of holistic wellness in the field of early childhood education.

Ms. Marion Mony, Director of Programme and Development at Skool4Kidz, emphasised the importance of the 3 Ps: Physical, Psychological, and Professional wellness. This set the tone for the rest of the day, encouraging educators to prioritise self-care and take time off for themselves. Throughout the day, various workshops and sessions were designed to address the specific needs of maintaining a work-life balance.

Dr. Carol (left) and Ms. Marion (right) acknowledged the challenges that early educators face in balancing effective teaching with the well-being of their students.

Managing Stress and Fatigue
One crucial topic discussed during the PD Day was stress and fatigue management. Led by Kevin Wong, Founder and Head Consultant of E3Sports Asia, and Shawn Quck, a certified mental and health fitness coach, the workshops provided effective techniques for managing stress and fatigue. Educators learned relaxation exercises, stress management strategies, and mindfulness practices to help them through their daily activities and enhance their overall lifestyle.

Our educators learned relaxation exercises, one way of alleviating stress

Fostering Positive Relationships
The workshop on “Positive Relationships and Peer Support at Workplaces (Mental Wellness)” offered valuable insights into recognising signs of change in co-workers, promoting empathetic conversations, and self-care while supporting others. This session emphasised the importance of building a supportive and collaborative work environment.

Nutrition and Well-being
Educators also had the opportunity to enhance their nutrition knowledge through sessions on “Busted: Diet and Food Myths” and “Food Label Reading Smart.” These workshops provided practical tips and guidance on making informed choices about diet and using the Healthy365 app to track nutritional intake. By empowering educators with the right information, we support their health.

Trainer Shawn Quck debunking common food and diet myths and misconception to our educators

Energising Physical Activity
To wrap up the day on a high note, an energetic Zumba session was organised, led by certified personal trainer Siti Zhywee and fitness instructor Junyang Julian. This fun and engaging exercise session allowed our educators to unwind, enjoy themselves, and promote an introductory physical activity that promotes cardio-wellness and keeps them healthy.

Highlight of the day! The Zumba session led by Siti Zhywee and Junyang Julian, an energetic and fun way for our educators to embrace physical wellness.

The success of CEG’s PD Day was evident through the enthusiastic participation of over 1000 educators and staff, making it our most-attended training day since 2017. The event created a culture of care and support, making the health and well-being of our educators our top priority.

PD Day 2023 focused on empowering our early childhood educators to reach their full potential while delivering high-quality education to young minds. With the rest of the brands, NurtureStars remains committed to developing our educators and providing them with the necessary support to excel in their roles. PD Day is just one of the many initiatives we undertake to ensure their continued personal and professional growth and we look forward to more enriching events that will benefit them.