A father and child participating in a relay game together in NurtureStars @ SAFRA Tampines

Steady girl! A father in army uniform guiding his daughter in a game during Fathers’ Day celebration and SAF Day observance at NurtureStars @ SAFRA Tampines on 30 June 2017.
This activity promotes parent-child bonding and also child’s hand-eye coordination.

Mr Tan, accompanying his child Cayla Tan, was among the parents who turned up for their special day. They played various games with the children, and helped them in face painting and photo taking. More than 90% of NurtureStars’ parents are SAFRA members and Servicemen.

Three of the fathers entertained the children by sharing stories on the Singapore Armed Forces and its important role in safeguarding the nation, as well as stories on their own experiences.

At the end of the event, each of the children received a souvenir in the form of a cut-out SAF soldier figurine representing the Airforce, Army and Navy provided by SAFRA to remember the occasion.

Parent and child taking photos at the photo booth.

Children celebrating SAF Day with a Salute.

A father in Airforce uniform sharing his experience during his service time with the children.