To further promote the development of Early Childhood in Singapore, on 17th April 2019, the organization appointed teachers, along with the Directors and the sales department of the different brands to participate in a five-day trip to the Asian preschool education conference, “New Tide Grand East, Quality Preschool Education” in Zhuhai, China.

The teachers visited the five centers, Foshan ELFA , Zhuhai Kinderland, Infancy leader education kindergarten, Great Man Kindergarten, Cai Mao Kindergarten – Zhu Hai. The quiet and elegant campus environment, as well as the unique cultural landscape allows for an enriching classroom experience that has left a deep impression on us.

In addition, we also attended the main  lecture and the sub-lecture. We benefitted a lot from the experience from famous teachers and celebrities.

Zhuhai is one of the platforms of Xiangshan culture,. It is economically active, with a beautiful environment. The trip to Zhuhai has been a tiring yet enjoyable and fulfilling experience for us. Every teacher strive to do their best and to help in the company’s growth in this journey.

Three teachers from NurtureStars Preschool visited Infancy Leader Education Kindergarten in Zuhai to learn the best practices.

Three teachers from Education Star Park visit Zhuhai Mangrove Bay Great Man International Kindergarten

At ELFA’s Foshan, the teachers greeted the children who were having refreshments.