Four principals from NurtureStars’ various preschool centres attended a three-day retreat in Bangkok, Thailand from 26 to 28 April, 2019 to pick up more tips on leadership and further hone their skills at the same time.

They joined principals from other entities in the Crestar Education Group to discuss the challenges faced by early childhood educators, and learn more about how to lead and motivate their teachers to perform more optimally in the prevailing preschool environment.

Team bonding games were also included to foster stronger relationship and help them gain more insights into the importance of effective leadership, the ability to overcome challenges and resolving conflicts.

Furthermore, the sharing sessions, meals, games, the sightseeing of the ever- vibrant city of Bangkok, which provided a lot of opportunity for face time together, helped to renew their vigor to excel further and foster even closer co-operation and communication amongst them.

The annual Principals’ Retreat overseas is a highly-anticipated learning and relax opportunity that the principals of Crestar Education Group eagerly look forward to every year since its inception in 2008.