It was World Water Day 2024 on 22 March. And children at NurtureStars had a busy time-sharing story on how to save water and making pledges to carry them out.

Teachers had earlier in the day explained why it is important to save water and how they could help to conserve the precious resource.

The children had hands-on sessions on saving water while in the washroom, using stored and bottled water to wash their hands and brush their teeth, as well as to flush the toilet.

Thereafter, they creatively drew storyboards and posters highlighting the dos and don’ts to help conserve water, some drew posters and others wrote pledges to carry them out with their families.

Other classroom activities included song and dance sessions, a colouring contest, storytelling on water usage experiences, and quizzes.

The children were also given home assignments to craft display art with messages on saving water. Parents were also encouraged to observe, together with their children, good water saving habits and monitor their consumption in March and April.

One of the teachers commented that the children’s enthusiasm was encouraging as it “reflects on our commitment to shape responsible stewards for the environment’s future”.

Sharing their water-saving habits on storyboards

Writing pledges to save water with the family

A child proudly showing off her hanging mobile
with save water messages