A “Water Rationing Day” was declared at the six NurtureStars Preschool centres on 22 March to help the children appreciate and value the importance of water.

It was World Water Day and the “rationing” exercise – requiring the children to collect water in pails to share for washing hands and flushing the toilets – was aimed at creating an impact and reminding children not to take the vital resource for granted.

Teachers shared stories and explained about the importance of sustainable water management in ways the children could understand and how they could also help save water and even recycling it for other uses whenever possible.

Activities along the theme “Valuing Water” were organised for the children. They included a colouring contest to raise awareness and reinforce the message on protecting our water resource. On a lighter side, the children also sang and did the “Turn off the tap” dance to mark the event.

Parents were also encouraged to participate by monitoring their March and April water usage and sharing their consumption with their children, to gauge how much they could save with a little extra effort.

Children also experienced water rationing exercise by flushing toilets with water collected in pails.

Teachers explained about the importance of sustainable water.