What better way to know our planet better than to make one like it out of recycled materials? This was what the children did at all the six NurtureStars preschool centres on 22 April when they joined about one billion people in 193 countries to observe Earth Day.

The activity was part of a host of fun activities planned by the teachers to raise awareness about the growing concerns of overpopulation, loss of biodiversity, and the depleting quality of the environment. Children from Nursery 1 to Kindergarten 2 learned to appreciate the environment and  about the various ways to take care of it through stories and sharing  by the teachers.

Their very own version of “Earth” was created on a cardboard using recycled items and materials from nature such as rocks, sand, leaves etc. They had the opportunity to  explore the use of green and blue paint for forest areas and the seas and oceans, which helped them to improve hand-eye coordination. From this activity they learned about the importance of protecting the Earth as it sustains all forms of life, including all the children of the World and the fauna and flora they love.

The teachers also led the classes in an experiment to remove oil from an “oil spill” in the sea. Children explored three ways of oil removal – skimming, absorption and dispersion. They were told why oil pollution, as well as throwing rubbish into the sea, can harm fish and other living things. In a simple way, the children learned about sustainability.

Children wrapped up the observance programme with a song and dance on caring for Mother Earth and how every child can play a part.

Children learn about ways to protect the Earth

Here’s our healthy blue and green “Earth”