It has been a tough 2020. Due to the pandemic restrictions, all the six NurtureStars preschool centres held their own virtual graduation concerts in December 2020. In total, some 100 Kindergarten 2 children graduated after spending their formative years building “Stronger Bodies, Sharper Minds” with NurtureStars.

Each centre performed three items, one in English and the second in Chinese, under the theme “Singapore United As One”. Every centre presented for their third item a rousing gymnastic display to the tune of “Reach Out for the Stars” Remix. The bold and fun gymnastics moves reminded the children to stay fit and healthy.

Examples of performances include NurtureStars @Punggol’s “We are One Singapore, United as One” that reminded the children of the importance of having a positive mindset to succeed in life. An item by the NurtureStars @Jurong centre “One United people” presented a Singapore where “people of different backgrounds stand together as one heart and one voice to create one history”. A Chinese dance performance by children of NurtureStars @Mount Faber urged the children to be united and strong and have the “never give up” spirit.

All performances by the centres were captured in video. The link was sent to all the parents for them to watch and share the joy of their chldren’s graduation. Every child also brought home a 20-page souvenir programme. It featured a pictorial on the preschool’s activities during the year and photos of the K2 cohort in their graduation gowns.

Our graduates performing with excitement during the virtual concert.

Lead by JACPA Instructor, Ms Mimi, our children showing off confidence, agility, discipline and teamwork in a special gymnastic display.