Kindness Day Singapore was this year observed on 20 May at NurtureStars @ Mount Faber, where the children took the opportunity to show their appreciation to some of the frontline workers in the SAFRA club premises.

The theme was “Kindness starts at home”. The children crafted thank you cards and

helped to organize goody bags each with a packet drink, pack of biscuit, bottle of hand sanitizer and a note book. Some of the children went to the club lobby and swimming pool to personally present the cards with the goodies to the security guards, cleaners and the life guards.

A card for the lifeguards said: “Thank you for making sure that we are safe when we are at the swimming pool. You are a life saver.”

As part of the day’s programme, the children listened to stories on kindness read to them by the teachers and reflected on what it means to be kind. They also danced to the song “Kindness, It’s up to us”.