Celebrating Children’s Day and the Mid-Autumn Festival

Parents and our children celebrating Mid-Autumn festival at NurtureStars Mount Faber.

What’s better than one fun-tastic celebration? Two, of course!

On 4 October, the children of NurtureStars Mount Faber got a double dose of fun, as the centre celebrated Children’s Day and the Mid-Autumn Festival on the same day.

Best of all, parents got to join in the action too! First, as eager audience members who watched with pride as their young ones performed well-choreographed plays and dances – including a heart-warming Chinese dance, moving to the nostalgic Chinese melodies, 中秋节 and 静夜思) – then as participants in parent-children games that strengthened the bonds between parents and children through engaging, interactive play.

Even the teachers got into the action, performing a dramatized rendition of “The Lion and the Mouse” for the children and their parents.

And though the activities were designed for kids, we caught more a few parents having loads of fun too, while making new friends and connections – a nice bonus for happy parents!

At NurtureStars, occasions such as Children’s Day and the Mid-Autumn Festival aren’t simply dates to remember on a school’s calendar, they’re opportunities for doing something special – for the children, parents, and teachers.

On days like these, children are truly happy when their parents see the fruits of their hard work – the hours spent learning dance moves, and their teachers who play vital roles in their everyday education, development, and progress.

This is what we do at NurtureStars – nurture the next generation of thinkers, doers, and leaders. And we do it through a holistic mix of study and play.

NurtureStars children doing a short performance during the event.

Parents bond with their child through participation in the activities.

Our Principal at NurtureStars presenting an award to the Winner of the lantern design contest during the event.