Children at all the NurtureStars Preschool centres crawled through “trenches” and walked on “beams” to cross “rivers” to get a taste of army training to mark Singapore Armed Forces Day on 1st July.

The mini obstacle course was a novel way to acquaint the children with national defence and put them through some physical exercises for a “Stronger Body, Sharper Mind”.

Teachers explained to the children what SAF Day was all about and how national servicemen must go through various training to prepare themselves for the defence of the nation.

The children also took part in an Art Jam activity to express their appreciation to members of all the branches of the Army. They made paper cut-out greeting cards  with thank you messages and brought them home for their NS daddies.

They concluded they observation activities for the day with a salute to all our soldiers.

Our children experiencing mini obstacle course as part of the celebration.

A group salute to thank our NSmen for defending our country.

Our children made paper cut-out greeting cards for their NS daddies.