NurtureStars preschools celebrated Singapore Water Day 2018 with a series of fun activities that taught children the value of water – one of our nation’s most precious resources.

Singapore Water Day has its roots in World Water Day. Held annually on 22 March, this date is designated by the United Nations to highlight the importance of water. In Singapore, the country encourages water rationing practices throughout the entire month.

In water-scarce Singapore, water conservation is essential to our survival. And what better time to start learning about saving water, than when you’re young? Partnering with the Public Utilities Board (PUB), NurtureStars’ pre-schoolers had a full day of water-focused entertainment and education that they’ll remember for years to come.

Some of the activities included:

  • Learning why water is precious, and needs to be conserved
  • Water-saving measures, taught through vivid stories that engaged children’s imaginations
  • Art and craft projects that highlighted the importance of using water wisely, while encouraging children to express their creativity
  • Practicing good water-saving habits, such as washing hands quickly, taking shorter showers, half-flushing, and brushing teeth using water from a mug (instead of a running tap, which uses a lot more water)

At our centres, pre-schoolers were informed that their water supply would be cut during certain periods of the day. This meant that the children had to plan ahead and think creatively, using their water bottles to store and ration the water they would use throughout those dry hours. While the children would have water to drink, this exercise made them put the good habits they learnt (about saving water while washing hands and brushing teeth) into practice.

By day’s end, NurtureStars pre-schoolers (and their teachers) learnt a lot about the preciousness of water and the importance of water conservation – while having a fantastic time!

Learning to wash hands quickly and effectively.

Washing hands from a bottle, instead of a running tap.

Children learning to save water while cleaning up.

Smiles all around as children practice various water-saving measures.

It’s important to stay clean, even when saving water!