The last two years have been a very challenging one for both children and teachers at all the six NurtureStars preschool centres. The lockdown, followed by strict safety management measures at the centres, meant not only teachers had to learn how to adjust to a new normal. It wasn’t easy for the children as well. The young ones had to adapt to a period of home-based learning and were not able to be with their school friends.

What happened provided a lot of new learning for our NurtureStars children at this year’s National Day celebration in the early part of August. The children had turned up dressed in red and white to mark the nation’s 57th birthday.

They sang this year’s theme song “Stronger Together” and learned about its significance for the country from their teachers. How it meant to be stronger together when the nation was fighting the pandemic in the last two years. How people cooperated and rallied around the government strongly to ride out the crisis. The children also had the opportunity to share some of their interesting stories during the time they could not go outside to play.

Celebration meant fun too, and the children enjoy various games and were reminded of the importance of friendship, kindness and cooperation. The celebration was rounded up with the recitation of the pledge and singing of the national anthem.