Some 500 children from the six NurtureStars Preschool centres participated in an art activity to help raise funds for SAFRA Cares Charity Drive 2022.

The NurtureStars corporate social responsibility (CSR) effort was kicked off on Children’s Day in October. It was done in collaboration with SAFRA’s first art programme called CANVAS ARK that has a specially-designed curriculum for young children to explore their creativity while learning essential art skills.

NurtureStars children, from 12 months to 6 years old, were each engaged with an adult and to explore colours, different types of textures during the creative session, with guidance from the teachers. Each of them also had fun decorating a tote bag with their own designs.

The funds were from the sale of an Art Kit with the tote bag for the children to participate in the art activity. Subsequently, direct donations were also received from the parents. And by the end of December, a total of $5,685.03 was raised for SAFRA Cares.

SAFRA Care is a charity initiative under SAFRA50 to mark 50 years of supporting NSmen. This initiative provides opportunities for members, NSmen and their families to help those in need, while bonding through meaningful experiences.

SAFRA Cares aims to channel 80% of the funds collected to the diverse groups of beneficiaries under the President’s Challenge, especially low income and vulnerable families, youths and children. The remaining 20% of monetary donations is set aside to benefit severely disabled servicemen under the SAF Care Fund.

Our little stars painting the tote bag during the charity event.

Our infant babies doing a hand stamp on the tote bag with the help of our infant educators.

Parents supporting our charity event in NurtureStars @ SAFRA Punggol.