Children’s Day this year was different for the young ones at NurtureStars who were still adjusting to the post-Covid freedom from safety measures. It’s back to open fun and games, without masks and face shields. Furthermore, the Children’s Day programme was incorporated into the Preschool’s Sport Fiesta 2022.

The combined event was held individually at all the six centres over two days on 5 and 6 October.  Bannered with the theme “Adventures in the Jungle”, it saw about 700 children turning up in animal costumes and clothing depicting their favourite flurry creatures.

The programme comprised mainly relay games such as “Crocodile Fun”, “Rabbit Escape”, “Where’s the Eggs” and more. The objective was to promote stronger bodies, sharper minds and crucial life-skills such as discipline and teamwork.

Unlike past years before the pandemic, this year’s sports fiesta was not held as a mass event in a sports hall. The centres made do with all available spaces in their classroom facilities and outdoor multipurpose areas in the SAFRA club premises.

The children relished the opportunity anyway to flex their muscles and stretch their bodies in the activities specially lined up for them. Proud winners were happy to take home medals for their efforts and share their joy with family members.

Parents and children at NurtureStars Punggol going through the Hula-Hoop at one of the activities.

Our children at NurtureStars Toa Payoh Jumping over the balancing beam to showcase their gross motor skills.

Children at NurtureStars Mount Faber doing a balancing act during the NS mini Sports Day celebration.