Every year, Children’s Day is celebrated in October here in Singapore. It’s a day to observe and recognise the rights of children to learn and grow, be curious, playful, and happy. Children’s Day has been observed since 60 years ago when the United Nations General Assembly adopted it under the Declaration of the Rights of the Child.

Like most other preschools, NurstureStars Preschool had on 4 October 2019 lined up a slew of activities for its children in all the six centres around the island.

NurtureStars Tampines celebrated with a Safari theme that gave its children the opportunity to dress up in their favourite animal costumes. A special puppet show treat staged by volunteers from the Singapore Kindness Movement engaged the children to help increase their awareness about kindness to others in need.

For the children at NurtureStars Toa Payoh it was pyjamas party time.  All its children arrived for the day dressed up in their favourite pyjamas and participated in an exciting programme of fun and engaging games.

Over at NurtureStars Mount Faber all the children had the chance to become “Super Heroes”. Children dressed up in their favourite character costumes sang and played various games as a harmonious community of Super Heroes.  Two children with the most interesting costumes won prizes for their effort.

At NurtureStars Punggol the boys and girls turned up at school to do “Things that Happy Children Do”. A “Little Entrepreneurs” Carnival was held on conjunction with the programme. Some of the children had the chance to show their musical talents on a mini stage show.  Parents and their children had great fun bonding and enjoying themselves at the food and games stalls and taking photos. Parents also had the opportunity to attend workshops specially designed to address major concerns such as HFMD, Dengue and developmental growth.

The theme at NurtureStars Jurong was “Wow Wow Wild – Kindness to Nature and Animals”. Also featured a “Little Entrepreneurs” Carnival where the children had great fun at the games and food stalls.  Also, for “sale” were handmade bags and eggless cupcakes specially made by some of the K2 parents who volunteered to set up their own stalls.

It was a Disney-themed “Magical Wonderland” carnival for the children at NurtureStars Yishun. Every class took inspiration from different Disney characters and arrived in their favourite costumes.  Children had earlier spent weeks preparing for the “Little Entrepreneurs” carnival, designing and fashioning recycled bags for sale. The Kindergarten children also helped to mend the stalls for food, games and stationery items and had a wonderful time bonding with their parents.

The “Little Entrepreneurs” projects held at the various centres help children to learn about business and the use of money. During the activities, the children used coupons that parents had purchased for them to “buy” various items on “sale”.

Our little ones making eggless cupcakes for “Little Entrepreneurs” Carnival whereby some of the K2 parents who volunteered to set up their own stalls.

Our children dressed as “Super Heroes” favourite character costumes to sing song and play various games.

Is pyjamas party time as our little ones dressed up in their favourite pyjamas for exciting games and activities.