Children at all NurtureStars centres celebrate every Chinese New Year in a big way.  This year, it was even more “happening”. They sang Lunar New Year songs, exchanged Mandarin oranges, wrote calligraphic New Year blessings, made paper crafts and even performed the Lion dance.

The centres had their celebrations on different days before the first of the new Lunar month (25th January), with varying programmes and activities. The premises were all festooned with bright red Lunar New Year decoration of all kinds. The children arrived dressed in their Chinese New Year best, and quite a number of them were accompanied by their parents who were invited to share the auspicious occasion with their young ones.

At every centre, the teachers explained the significance of the Lunar New Year celebration. In some centres, parents too shared stories on new year celebrations with the children. The children not only exchanged Mandarin oranges amongst themselves, they also learned to greet and to present oranges to their “elders’ such as their parents, the teachers and centre staff.

On the programme was also singing of Lunar New Year songs and performance of traditional Chinese dances, such as the fan dance and the much-loved Lion Dance.

The celebration also gave the parents an excellent opportunity to bond with their children in a school environment, together stringing longevity garlic decoration, making paper craft and writing auspicious calligraphic messages.

The occasion ended with much noise and laughter as they gathered around for the “must-have” Lo Hei (tossing) of “Yu Shen” (New Year fish salad) to usher in a healthy and successful New Year for everyone. Bu Bu Gaosheng!!!

Our little ones exchanging oranges with their friends as part of the traditional practice during Chinese New Year.

Our children performing lion dance and as well as individual class performances for their parents during the celebration.

A group photo taking with the Lion Dance performance as part of the celebration.