Children at NurtureStars Preschool have been playing with tech toys to create, innovate and experience the fundamentals of coding once a week.

Through the activity, the children are being progressively immersed in hands-on experiences with various coding robots. They include Code-A-Pillar, Robot Albert, Bee-Bot, Code & Go Colby the Robot Mouse and Dash, developed by the Info-communications Media Development Authority of Singapore (IDA) under its PlayMaker Programme.

The fun and engaging activities give the young ones the opportunity to control the robots and direct their movements from one point to another. Besides developing logical thinking, children also learn teamwork as they brainstorm on ways to overcome challenges during the activity.

“In technical terms, the colourful, easy-to-operate and friendly little robot help our children with sequencing, estimation, problem-solving and planning skills,” said Ms Hannah, Principal of NurtureStars @ SAFRA Tampines.

NurtureStars has introduced coding into its curriculum programme to prepare its children for the digital era as the nation move towards building a SMART nation. It believes that early exposure facilitates the acquisition of foundational skills to code and the development of logical thinking required in the 21st century.

NurtureStars children learn programming logic through games, activities and iPad-based programs

NurtureStars’ Children learning problem solving through coding.

Coding Is Fun! Children are enjoying themselves through Code-A-Pillar!