Children at NurtureStars’ six centres turned up on 21 July wearing bright and colourful Chinese, Eurasian, Indian, Japanese, Malay and Filipino outfits to mark Racial Harmony Day. One even dressed up in a Mexican charro complete with an oversize sombrero, and a couple of girls wore Korean and Vietnamese dresses.

Young and unassuming, that’s how enthusiastic they can be when it comes to tyring out various cultural experiences. They were very excited to see one another dressed up differently.

The teachers got busy explaining and sharing stories on diversity and the uniqueness of different cultures. Not only on what people wear but their heritage as well such as traditional food, songs and dances. Children also learned about the importance of making friends and respecting their cultures and preferences to ensure harmony in the community.

Programmes at the centres included making and tasting different types of ethnic snacks, playing games and singing and dancing to traditional music, and songs such as “Its a small world” and “Hello to the children of the world”.