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Searching for a quality preschool that provides a well-rounded education for your precious little one? Make NurtureStars Preschool your choice today!

Managed by SAFRA and Kinderland, NurtureStars Preschool is a new, one-stop preschool that provides a holistic education experience to groom your child's potential to the fullest and prepare for primary school. 


Registration for 2016–17 Preschool Now Open for ALL NurtureStars Preschool Centres:

Register now to ensure you receive your preferred schedule.

NurtureStars Preschool Roadshow @ JURONG SAFRA
Date: 24th & 25th February, Friday & Saturday
Time: 10am to 2pm

Receive a Premium Gift and Enjoy a waiver on Registration Fee (worth $200), a NurtureStars School bag and 1-for-1 NurtureStars Uniform upon signing up!

Valid only on Open House and Roadshow events.


My child has improved her communication skill after going to the centre.
 - Mr Wayne Tong (Parent of Sarah Tong, PN1)

To any parent, having a good childcare that takes good care of your child while you work is a very important factor. I have been looking for a childcare that is able to nurture my child, motivates him to learn and to look forward to school everyday. Fortunately, I found NurtureStars, which has been able to provide a very loving home away from home. Another important factor is the prevention of infectious disease such as HFMD and other common ailments such as cold, cough and flu. The school does a thorough mouth, hand, feet check at the point of entry every morning with torchlight. The child has an anti-bacterial hand wipe after the triage. This gives parents a great peace of mind knowing that proper hygiene and safety standards are adhered to from start to end. Thirdly, the teachers must be able to motivate and be patient with the kids. This is what I can see and observe from my interaction with the teachers. Another important aspect is that my son does not sit in the classroom everyday, there are speech and drama classes, water play at the swimming pool and outdoor playground activities that helps him to mix fun and learning together with his peers. Finally, I looked with a sense of pride, the many photos that the teachers painstakingly put up in his classroom. I could see my son enjoying the many different activities and he could feel a sense of belonging there, with his big family of teachers and friends. It has been one of the best childcare centers with a big family feel. I would strongly recommend NurtureStars to any parent who would want a great peace of mind and an all-rounded pre-school education for their child.
 - Ms Catherine Sreekanth (Mother of Brendan, Nursery)

Being educators ourselves, my husband and I understand the challenges a teacher faces in the classroom. This is especially true when the class comprises toddlers who have limited language skills. The teacher needs to have a lot of patience and passion, as well as commitment to his/her job. Fortunately for our son, Rayan Lim, Ms Su Yanhong is such a teacher. Professionalism, Patience & Passion 2 Ms Su possesses the 3 ‘P’s; professionalism, patience and passion. On occasions when Ms Su updated us on Rayan’s misbehaviour when we fetched him from the centre, she was able to do so tactfully despite the many parents present at that time. Her doing so kept us at ease and allowed us to focus on correcting our child’s misbehaviour. 3 Ms Su demonstrated her duty of care and concern. She kept us informed of Rayan’s all-round development. Knowing how active Rayan can be, we believe that her patience and staying true to her passion and the mission of the centre has allowed her to bring out the best in Rayan, as well as the pupils under her charge. Forthcoming In Providing Feedback 4 We believe that effective teachers provide consistent feedback, and not only during the scheduled parent-teacher meetings. Ms Su was able to do this which greatly helped us to provide reinforcement on the good practices and habits Rayan has picked up and ‘rehabilitation’ on his undesired ones. This has allowed us to better tailor our method of disciplining and educating him at home. Positive Impact & Influence On Our Son 5 Ms Su possesses the 2 ‘I’s; impact and influence. Henry Brooks Adams once wrote: “A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell, where his influence stops”. There were times when Rayan threw tantrums in the mornings and displayed unwillingness to attend school. However, his mood took a turn for the better whenever Ms Su was in school in the morning. At home, Rayan would share with us what he has learnt from Ms Su in school and how he had enjoyed Ms Su-led activities. 6 We would like to express our heartfelt thanks and appreciation to Ms Su for being present and be engaged in Rayan’s all-round development. We feel privileged that NurtureStars has Ms Su as part of its committed teaching staff.
 - Mdm Cheryl Lim (Mother of Rayan Lim, PN1)