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Searching for a quality preschool that provides a well-rounded education for your precious little one? Make NurtureStars Preschool your choice today!

Managed by SAFRA and Kinderland, NurtureStars Preschool is a new, one-stop preschool that provides a holistic education experience to groom your child's potential to the fullest and prepare for primary school. 


Registration for 2016–17 Preschool Now Open for ALL NurtureStars Preschool Centres:

Register now to ensure you receive your preferred schedule.

NurtureStars Preschool Group Open House @ ALL SAFRA (Except Punggol)
Date: 28th November to 2nd December
Time: 10am to 4pm

NurtureStars Preschool Roadshow @ JURONG SAFRA
Date: 3rd & 4th December, Saturday & Sunday
Time: 11am to 6pm

Enjoy a 1-for-1 NurtureStars Uniform (Long Sleeve) and a NurtureStars School bag (While stock last) upon signing up!

Valid only on Open House and Roadshow events.


Hi Joyce, I attended the fathers' day breakfast and really enjoyed the session at the centre. I got to bond with my son and also see the environment that he is in. More importantly, it was an insightful time for me to get to know the plans that you have for the centre. Both my wife and I feel that the centre seems to be more systematic now than before. We feel that You also brought a lot of new ideas which will enrich the learning experience for the kids at the centre. We both are grateful for the passion you have for improving the curriculum and the level of experience you have in running the centre. The interactions we have with you made us believe that we have chosen the most suitable centre for Shiheng to learn and grow. We also want to make special mention of Shiheng's teacher, ???. During our various interactions with her since Shiheng enrolled 6 months ago, we have been very impressed by her sense of responsibilities and her attention paid to the students. She demonstrate a genuine and keen interest to educate the kids and have a deep sense of care and affections for them as well. She is able to share her knowledge of Shiheng with us which allow us to understand how we can mould him better. Her accurate feedback to us also enabled us to know how he is developing in school. We both feel very blessed to have someone as dedicated as her to teach Shiheng
 - Mr. Neo Aik Jin (Father of Neo Shi Heng, PN1)

I like to thank the PN2 teachers- Ms Janelle, Ms Sharifa and Ms Chi whom I met on 28 Jun for the PTM for my child Aldrich Lim Jun Kai. The teachers are enthusiastic and shown interest in developing and taking care of Aldrich. It is evident that Aldrich is happy at school and enjoys attending the lessons conducted by the teachers. Thank you teachers for looking after and developing Aldrich. Please continue your good work. I also like to thank Ms Siti whom had prepared the portfolio for Aldrich. Our deepest thanks and appreciation!
 - Mrs Lim Chi Lah (Mother of Aldrich Lim Jun Kai, PN2)

I want to express my thanks and gratitude to all the incredible staffs in Nurturestars (Yishun) with special shout out for principal Ms Liu Su Qin. As a nervous first time parents we have contacted and called Ms Liu on numerous occassions to check on our son and also on various other school administrative matters. We never once got a negative reaction from her. Every time we see her and/or speak with her she puts a smile on our face with her warm welcomes and positive outlooks. She provides a great balance of grace and authority with the children and is a wonderful communicator to the kids and parents. We have grown very fond of her! This goes without saying that the teachers at Nurturestar (Yishun) are all wonderful but I just wanted to reach out and share with everyone the lasting impact and assurance that Ms Liu has given us in the short time we had her as a principal for my son. Thank you!
 - Mr. Victor Low (Father of Low Cheng Yang, N)