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Searching for a quality preschool that provides a well-rounded education for your precious little one? Make NurtureStars Preschool your choice today!

Managed by SAFRA and Kinderland, NurtureStars Preschool is a new, one-stop preschool that provides a holistic education experience to groom your child's potential to the fullest and prepare for primary school. 


Registration for 2017 Preschool Now Open for ALL NurtureStars Preschool Centres:

Register now to ensure you receive your preferred schedule.

NurtureStars Preschool Roadshow @ TAMPINES SAFRA
Date: 10th to 15th April, Monday to Saturday
Time: 10am to 2pm

NurtureStars Preschool Roadshow @ JURONG SAFRA
Date: 12th to 13th May, Friday and Saturday
Time: 10am to 2pm

Enjoy a waiver on Registration Fee (worth $200), a NurtureStars School bag and 1-for-1 NurtureStars Uniform (Long Sleeve) upon signing up!

Valid only on Open House and Roadshow events.


Dear Teacher Lin, Time flies and it’s time for Triston to say goodbye to NurtureStars. Triston has a wonderful learning experience with NurtureStars. It as been a blessing that he gets to have you as his teacher. I can tell that he is having lots of fun in class everyday. I am glad that Triston has excelled and improved with your guidance.. e has been able to share with me the knowledge he was learnt in class. Whenever I asked him who taught him that, he always tell me it’s Teacher Lin. I asked Triston lately who will he miss after leaving NurtureStars. His instant answer is Teacher Lin! I probed about the reason and he said Teacher Lin is special because she always help the children when they have problems. Being one who faces learning challenges as compared to his peers, Triston does appreciates the help that he has received from you. Your constant help and encouragement makes a great difference to him. Thank you very much for your patience and guidance (or should I say double the effort required in coaching him) . I believe his activeness as given you tons of problems and headaches. Thank you for not giving up on him and sincerely having his interest in mind. Now that he needs to be more independent, I am sure your absence will be missed. Do continue to spread your love, care and instill fun to preschoolers’ life. You will indirectly form a huge piece of their preschool memories imprinted in their minds. Just like what happened to Triston. It is fortunate that he has a bunch of bubbly friends in class. It is always sad to say goodbye. However, the experience has has acquired will certainly help him to better embrace the challenges ahead in Primary School life. Thank you once again.
 - Mrs Ng (Mother of Triston Ng, Kindergarten 2)

Well done and keep up the good work! Very impressed with all your efforts and dedication so far!
 - Ms Jacqueline Tok (Mother of Aidan, N)

Ms Joyce made me feel warm, friendly, approachable, kind, patience and takes care of the teachers and welfare of the children. I am reassured of NurtureStars with your care and concern for us mothers who made NurtureStars Childcare Centre the only choice. NurtureStars has really put in an effort to find a good leader to helm the centre. Chloe likes to go to the centre now. Thank you Ms Joyce.
 - Ms Sabrina Yue (Mother of Chloe Tok, Nursery)